Krása Belle

Cocod'or Aqua Diffuser 120ml | Black Cherry| Home Diffusers


Diffuser 120ml / 4.0oz
+ Wood Stick 5pcs
+ Wood Ball Stick 2pcs
+ Colored Sand
+ Seashells
Elegant glass bottles are 4.0 oz with reed sticks included.
You can choose to add or remove the number of reed sticks to match your taste.
It takes 1 or 2 days for the fabric sticks to soak in the scent.
When the fragrance weakens, simply turn the reed sticks upside down or
replace them with new ones.


1. Use your hand or tools like forceps to remove the plastic cork out gently.
2.Put as mana reed as you want in the vessel and let the oil evaporates slowly.
3.Keep it away from the reach of small hands and paws.
4.Avoid any direct sunlight and open flame.